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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2004-06-00 Onyx Books  

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A BRAVE NEW WORLD New York City, 1939. Crack investigative reporter Polly Perkins unearths plans to create a violent new World of Tomorrow.

A BRASH NEW THREAT Soon after, gigantic mechanical robots are unleashed upon New York and other major cities of the world, meting out death and destruction in their wake.

A BOLD NEW HERO The call goes out to Joe Sullivan, leader of the heroic Flying Legion, to save the day. As Joe and Polly circle the globe, encountering mutant creatures, monstrous mechanical machines, and dangerous tentacled robots, they are drawn ever closer to the lair of evil genius George Totenkopf. Together, they must battle the forces of the World of Tomorrow in order to savethe world of today.

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