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(aka ESPer)


Jack of Eagles
(aka ESPer)



Psionic Powers
Crime & Prison


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1952-00-00  

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Danny Caiden's on the run--from the FBI, the SEC, the Justice Department, and the Mob. Only recently, Danny had been an average New York copywriter, until he suddenly found he had ESP. His knowledge of the future is astonishing, and the rest of Danny's powers are just beginning. But someone else wants him too: an evil group of preternatural men bent on world domination. They'll stop at nothing until they capture Danny..or destroy him. Why? Becuase only Danny has the power to sabotage their diabolic tyranny. In the final, frenzied battle, Danny must summon all his powers, or sacrifice himself--and all mankind--to satanic slavery forever.

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