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And All the Stars a Stage



Science Fiction


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1 1971-00-00  

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When the Sun explodes... all life will end. No one will survive the blow-up; except the men and women who crowd into a few starships and fly away into space whiel there is still time, to look for a new home in the infinite void, a new planet on which to settle. Jorn, unskilled, unemployed, seeming a reject from society, finds that he has what it takes to become one of the brave survivors, blasting off in hastily built ships that have never flown before. Jorn and his companions begin a long search, threatened by repeated disasters and despair, but ultimately leading through to an unexpected climax for which no one is prepared.

A somewhat abridged version of this novel first appeared in Amazing Science Fiction Stories volume 34 nos. 6 and 7, June and July 1960.

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