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Titan's Daughter



Science Fiction
Medical (Fiction)


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1961-00-00  

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With her lay the destruction--or the fulfillment--of the human race. Goddess.or Freak? Aside from being eight feet tall, blonde blue-eyed Sena was unusually beautiful--and extraordinarily unusual. She was a Tetra, one of the handful of people belonging to the super-race genetically engineered by Dr. Hyatt of Dunhill University. Sena & her Tetra lover Sam attended Dunhill & did their best to ignore the sneers of the "normal" humans, who hated them for their incredible strengths & mental abilities. But the resentment of the "normals" gets to Maurey, the most brilliant Tetra, & he plots a diabolic plan to overpower the human race. Suddenly, Sena is caught in a deadly triangle w/Sam & Maurey that might mean the end of the Tetras & the world around them.

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