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C. Ingram - World Encyclopedia of Cooking Ingredients - 7 Darb


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1 2002-11-01 Lorenz Books  

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Product Description: Comprehensive and immensely practical: With detailed descriptions of every ingredient, advise on useage, buying and storingas well as preparation and cooking techniques. Features over 1500 photographs. step preparation and cooking techniques. Amazon Reader Remarks: "Good Diversity but not all Ingredients Have Pictures". I own the 8-5/8" x 6-5/8" (ISBN 0-681-78323-0) copy of this book. Overall it is a good reference. There are a plethora of clear, full "colour" pictures and several detailed intructions about food preperation for selected items. Measurements are provided in both metric and impertal (American) units. The weaknesses are the following: Some ingredients may only be available in Britian/EU (which is too be expected, since it was published in the UK), but it does include references to . - Terse descriptions for most ingredients, which is undestandable considering the quantity of items covered. So if you would like to know more about a certain food group (e.g., spices) you will want to purchase another book specifically covering it. - Not all ingredients have pictures (to be complete it should have pictured all ingredients, especialy for the more esoteric ones). - Some of the pictures are larger than necessary (does one really need to see 20 raspberries or 30 blueberries) and cause the text to wrap around them in an annoying format. So it can be more stylish centric than functional. Pictures are even sprinkled on each page of the index, which I find unnecessary, add no value, and detract from the efficiency intended for an index. - The index, while extensive, is not comprehensive. For example, the index does not list lemon zest (or zest, lemon), but the process is mentioned on the page for lemons. -- Gnoman

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