Detailed view for the Book: Space Opera (Anthology)

Welcome to an interstellar concert beyond your wildest imagining, as you rocket to distant worlds in twenty original science fiction tales powered by the music of the galaxies.

From a detective/choral singer whose perfect ear for music offers the only clue to catching a criminal who has been illegally selling sentient avians... to an isolated space beacon keeper for whom music may prove the only means to save a spaceship caught in an ion storm... to a photographer on a shoot in a desolate part of Africa whose search for the source of a distant melody carried on the desert winds could forever change his life - these are magnificent and evocative tales, memorable performances by today's finest masters of space and time.

Edited and with an introduction by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough


Bluesberry Jam by Gene Wolfe
To Drive the Cold Winter Away by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Last Song of Sirit Byar by Peter S. Beagle
Roundelay by Mary C. Pangborn
Space Station Annie by Cynthia McQuillin
Swan Song by Lyn McConchie
Heavenside Song by Warren C. Norwood
Drift by Steven Brust
A Hole in the Sky by Margaret Ball
The Impossible Place by Alan Dean Foster
Ever After by Paula Lalish
Soulfedge Rock by Suzette Haden Elgin
Scarborough Fair by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Thunderbird Road by Leslie Fish
Our Father's Gold by Elisabeth Waters
A Song of Strange Revenge by Josepha Sherman
Songchild by Robin Wayne Bailey
Saskia by Charles de Lint
Calling Them Home by Jody Lynn Nye
Bird in the Hand by Anne McCaffrey