Detailed view for the Book: Alchemy and Academe (Anthology)

This is an anthology Edited by Anne McCaffrey An enchanting collection of tales, enchantments, things magical and strange, devils and demons, professors of potent powers, witchcraft and wizardry, and more. Master fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey has chosen 20 short tales and poems of wonder and awe, written by the finest writers of fantasy today, including: Robert Silverberg, L. Sprague de Camp, R.A. Lafferty, Gene Wolfe, Carol Emshwiller, Sonya Dorman, and others.

Foreword by Anne McCaffrey
The Dance of the Solids by John Updike -- Jan 1969
A Mess of Porridge by Sonya Dorman
The Institute by Carol Emshwiller
Condillac's Statue by R. A. Lafferty
The Sorcerers by L. Sprague de Camp
The Weed of Time by Norman Spinrad
Night and the Loves of Joe Dicostanzo by Samuel R. Delany
Come Up and See Me by Daphne Castell
Shut the Last Door by Joe L. Hensley
Big Sam by Avram Davidson
More Light by James Blish
The Man Who Could Not See Devils by Joanna Russ
The Key to Out by Betsy Curtis
Ringing the Changes by Robert Silverberg
In a Quart of Water by David Telfair
Morning-Glory by Gene Wolfe
Ascension: A Workday Arabesque by Virginia Kidd
The Devil You Don't by Keith Laumer
The Triumphant Head by Josephine Saxton
Mainchance by Peter Tate