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1 2004-07-20 Publish America  

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This book is often times reffered to as Schianol Roughcrosser The Jealous Ones have a stranglehold on the world. The Seas are deadly under their rule. On disparate islands, people live largely unconnected to those on other shores.The Withstand, ancient, huge and of origins unguessed, sails the violent Oceans, visiting lonely ports. Yet her freedom from the machinations of the Jealous Ones is coming to a close. With four dangerous and quarrelsome passengers on her decks, hated by each other and the Gods, she is now the wave-tossed setting for a grim play, a contest of wills, blades and spells.Mages, constructs, elves, Giants, swordsmen, sailors and a host of creatures unimagined vie for life and freedom on an unforgiving plane, which grasps forever those travelers unlucky enough to enter.Can hope, friendship, courage and truth be found in such an unreasoned realm? Or is Moonstone and Earthstone treasure enough to hope for?

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