Detailed view for the Book: Destinies: Vol. 1 No. 2 (Anthology)

An anthology of stories edited by the author.

The Ways of Love [David Ryerson] by Poul Anderson
Good-By to All That by Frederik Pohl
Good-By Forever to Mr. Pain by Robert Sheckley
Domino Domine by Dean Ing

New Beginnings:
Comes the Revolution, Comrades by J. E. Pournelle, Ph.D.
The Speckled Gantry by Joseph Green & Patrice Milton
Why Go Into Space? by G. Harry Stine
To Be or Not by Ben Bova -- 1978
Spider vs. the Hax of Sol III by Spider Robinson
Second Chance [Abner Doon; Worthing] by Orson Scott Card
Cultural Conflict [Hammer's Slammers] by David Drake
The Galactic Drift by B. D. Wyatt
Time Guide by Gregory Benford
Science Fiction and Science Part 2: The Hardness of Hard Science Fiction by Poul Anderson
The Schumann Computer [Draco Tavern] by Larry Niven
Malthusian Crisis and Methuselah's Children [from Your Next Fifty Years] by Robert W. Prehoda -- 1980

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