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Diane Ackerman - A Natural History of the Senses - 10 Darb


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1 1991-09-00 Vintage  

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AMAZON.COM (blurb): "One of the real tests of writers," notes Ackerman in this liveliest of nature books, "is how well they write about smells. If they can"t describe the scent of sanctity in a church, can you trust them to describe the suburbs of the heart?" Ackerman passes the test, writing with ease and fluency about the five senses. Did you know that bat guano smells like stale Wheat Thins? That Bach"s music can quell anger around the world? That the leaves that shimmer so beautifully in fall have "no adaptive purpose"? Ackerman does, and she guides us through questions of sensation with an eye for the amusingly arcane reference and just the right phrase. REVIEW: "Stimulate your senses", March 24, 2003 (paolo_giovio) Sometimes one comes across a writer, who, no matter what he/she writes about, we become enthralled. Ackerman is one of those for me. I don"t usually read books of this genre, but did this time, to observe a writer"s attempt at describing the "sensual" outside the realm of novels. She most certainly mastered the art of description, so the reader clearly feels the experience. I recommend this book for this and her generally engaging style. Full of interesting trivia on the five senses, including why we enjoy sensory experiences, how they operate and evolved. Approached with great insight, research and wit, Ackerman puts together a collection of intriguing examples to understand the world of stimulis abounding around us.

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