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Question of Time, A







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1 1992-00-00 TOR Books  

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He was once called DRACULA but in our day he is known by many strange names . . . In 1935, Conservation Corps worker Jake Rezner meets a beautiful and mysterious young girl in the Grand Canyon. She leads him deep into the rocks, to a bizarre sculptor named Edgar Tyrell. Soon Jake finds himself lost in time, unable to return. Almost 60 years later private detective Joe Keogh has been hired to locate a missing girl--the great niece of Edgar Tyrell. But Tyrell is nosferatu, and he would sculpt in the sands of reality itself. So Keogh must call on Mr. Strangeways, An Old Friend of the Family and Lord of the Vampires, to battle an undead menace from beyond time! ---------- The dust-covered figure suddenly turned his gaze on Camilla, and rasped a comment. "So, you"ve caught another one." She answered timidly. "Don"t say that, Edgar. He"s a friend of mine." "Oh, I don"t doubt that. Most men would be delighted to be your friend. But have you told him yet?" Camilla looking from one man to the other, seemed to be afraid to say anything more. "Told me what?" Jake demanded. Suddenly Edgar caught sight of the lunch box, which Camilla had put down on a ledge of rock. With some muttering that sounded vaguely llike a curse, he snatched up the little container at the same time raising his other hand as if he were about to strike the girl. Jake, starting to shout something angry, took a step forward. But Camilla cowering back from the blow that never fell, yelled at Jake to stop. It was a scream of such sudden heartfelt terror that he unthinkingly obeyed. Then he looked back at Edgar. "Told me what?" he reapeated, harshly. "Nothing of real importance." Wicked eyes gleamed at him out of the old man"s dusty face. "Just that, today, the silly business that you have called your life is over."

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