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Book of Lost Swords


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1 1992-00-00 TOR Books  

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Long ago, the gods forged Twelve Swords of Power and threw them on the gameboard of life to watch men scramble. But they forged too well; the Swords could kill the gods themselves. Now, the gods are gone, the Swords are scattered, Wayfinder, the Sword of Wisdom, turns up in the hut of one Valdemar, a simple (or is he?) grower of grapes. This strong yet gentle young giant is in want of a wife. It is the property of Wayfinder to lead its wielder where the wielder wants to go -- thus Valdemar asks for guidance to the one who is most fit to share his life. But the Sword of Wisdom leads him to the Lady Yambu -- a vigorous sixty-year-old, at least in appearance! Once known as the Silver Queen, the Lady Yambu is on a pilgrimage of her own, accompanied by Prince Zoltan, and has no desire to spend her declining years in a vineyard. And yet Wayfinder will not let Valdemar leave the Lady . . . Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Blue Temple, where vast amounts of the world"s wealth are stored, the evil macrowizard Wood and his gorgeous sidekick, Tigris, have an interview with the Chairman . . . Doughty, aging Ben of Purkinje wakes in a barn to discover himself surrounded by hostile armed men . . . In Sarykam, Prince Mark scans the dawn skies eagerly for a winged messenger: How is the hunt for Woundhealer, the sword of mercy, progressing? It is the only hope for the grievously injured Princess Kristin . . . But Wayfinder has a way of complicating all quests in which it becomes involved . . . In addition to the best selling Books of Swords and Books of Lost Swords, Fred Saberhagen is the author of BERSERKER"S PLANET and the other enormously popular Berserker

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