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Arrival, The



Science Fiction


Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1999-12-00 TOR Books  

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In a time of secrets and mysteries, Jonathan Doors remains one of the biggest enigmas. When the Taelons arrive on Earth and take their place as humanity's Companions, Doors is one of the first to welcome them. Using his power and influence, he helps introduce the aliens to our world. Then he suddenly fakes his own death and goes underground to lead the Resistance as the Companions' greatest enemy. Why?
In the days following the Taelons' arrival, the story of the secretive multibillionaire is finally told and the truth exposed. Working at first to ensure peaceful relations between the human race and the newly landed aliens, Doors also hopes to find something in the aliens' technology that will free his wife from the grip of a terrible disease. But when his father reveals secrets from his own past, Jonathan Doors will discover the true price of a cure - and the Taelons' dark plan for Earth...

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