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Berserker Man



Science Fiction


Berserker Saga


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1979-00-00 TOR Books  

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Once mankind feared the berserkers, killer machines determined to eradicate all life in the universe. But the Berserker Wars are over and the threat of the sentient doomsday devices is over. Or is it? The berserkers are back, stronger and more unstoppable than before. And one strange child, half human and half machine, may be humanity"s only hope -- or its final destroyer. Now the fate of civilization rests in the hands of BERSERKER MAN He was driving them in evasive maneuvers now, while the hull crashed like a gong, and flashes of enemy force were plain in the simultaneous overload of instruments. Flash and crash again, blinding stroke from the enemy and blending sigh of their own weapons lashing back, more in defiance than in any true hope of damaging Goliath. The berserker which had caught them by surprise was too big to fight, too fast to get away from, here in relatively open space. Nothing to do but dodge-- Yet again the berserker struck . . .

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