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Dayworld Rebel



Science Fiction




# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1987-06-00 Putnam Pub Group  

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Summary (From the publisher):

In a far-future world, a unique cure has been found for the population explosion: each person lives only one day out of seven and spends the rest of the time in a state of suspended animation. Jefferson Caird was a 'Tuesday', and a policeman. But he led a secret life involving six other identities that allowed him to function every day of the week. The government caught and imprisoned him, tried to brainwash him, and threw away the key. But Caird escaped. Now, fleeing from a Manhattan prison through the wild forests of New Jersey, he falls in with an outlaw band of 'daybreakers' who have runaway from civilization and are wanted by the police, just for the crime of being awake seven days a week. But Caird's escape triggers an all-out bounty hunt because he knows something of enormous value; the government either wants the information or wants him dead before he can tell anyone else what he knows.

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