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Extraordinary Journeys


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1 1901-00-00  

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Summary :

Captain Bourcart would like to leave Le Havre, France bound for the waters of the Pacific in his whaling vessel the St. Enoch, but first he needs to engage the services of a ship's doctor and a cooper (barrel maker). A doctor is easily obtained, but the only cooper that is available is Jean-Marie Cabidoulin. The Captain is only too familiar with Cabidoulin, whom he describes as a "prophet of evil." On every voyage Cabidoulin has ever made, he has always said it will be his last; he'll never come back and it will probably be caused by a sea monster. Captain Bourcart doesn't want his crew demoralized by Jean-Marie Cabidoulin and his stories, but he has little choice. Jean-Marie Cabidoulin services are engaged and the St. Enoch can begin its whaling expedition. Along the way the St. Enoch has a few memorable encounters with the British vessel the Repton. While both vessels are off the west coast of the North American continent the whales, which were once plentiful seem to suddenly have disappeared. While off the west coast of Russia at Petropavlovsk, the local fishing boats are quickly returning to harbor because they've all spotted a marine monster of gigantic proportions. Could this be the sea monster that Jean-Marie Cabidoulin has always talked about? The crew of the St. Enoch as well as the Repton go to find out for themselves.

Original title (French): Les Histoires de Jean-Marie Cabidoulin
Alternate English title: The Stories of Jean Marie Cabidoulin

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