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Adrift on the Pacific: Two Years Holiday





Extraordinary Journeys


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1 1888-00-00  

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Summary :

On the evening of February, 15, 1860, sixteen school boys, ages 8 to 14, were asleep on board a schooner moored at a harbor in Aukland waiting to circumnavigate New Zealand on a six weeks' vacation. The crew was on shore celebrating on the night before the departure. Accidentally or purposely, the moorings got cast off without anyone on board being the wiser and the schooner drifted out to sea with only the boys on board. Twenty two days later they are cast on the shore of an unknown island. And so begins another Verne robinsonade with the difference that the boys are always fighting among themselves at every stage of their stay on the island. They are finally rescued two years later by some good people pursued by pirates who are subdued with the aid of the boys.

Original title (French): Deux Ans de Vacances
Alternate title: Adrift in the Pacific; the Strange Adventures of a Schoolboy Crew.

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