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North Against South - A Tale of the American Civil War





Extraordinary Journeys


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1 1887-00-00  

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Summary :

During the time of the United States Civil War, near Jacksonville, Florida, live James Burbank and his family at their plantation known as Camdless Bay. Even though he lives in the south, Burbank was born in north and holds onto the northern ideal that slavery is a bad thing. His main rival in the area is Texar, a former slaver. At their last legal encounter Texar produced an air-tight alibi, which allowed him to return to Jacksonville, get himself into a position of power and stir up the citizens against the Burbank family. An angry mob descends upon Camdless Bay and destroys all but the main house. During the raid, Burbank's daughter Dy and her guardian Zermah are kidnapped by someone identified as being Texar. Dy and Zermah are taken to Texar's secret lair. The arrival of James Burbank's son Gilbert and Zermah's husband Mars and the Northern Navy help to restore Jacksonville. With order restored, and help from Gilbert and Mars the search for Dy and Zermah begins in earnest. Gilbert and Mars stumble across Texar's lair and find a note left there by Zermah on the 22nd of March; Texar himself has taken them to the Carneral Island in the Everglades. James Burbank and his party set out to their rescue. Along the way they encounter another party, who is also after Texar for crimes he committed on the 22nd of March, 200 miles from where he was keeping Dy and Zermah prisoners. How can this be, how is it possible for Texar to be in two places at the same time? The mystery can only be resolved once Dy and Zermah are liberated and Texar is taken into custody.

Original title (French): Nord Contre Sud
Alternate English Title: Texar's Revenge

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