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Going, Going, Gone



Science Fiction
Alternate History




# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-04-27 Grove Press  

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Jack Womack"s Ambient novels have been acclaimed as a "feat of brilliance...speculative fiction at its eerie best" by Entertainment Weekly. Now he delivers the sixth and final book in the series, a breathless and brilliantly imagined story that is a cautionary tale of contemporary society. Walter Bullitt is a freelancer for the U.S. government, testing new psychotropics on himself and groups of unsuspecting citizens, and generally "fixing" things. His conscience has never impeded his work, until he"s asked to get involved in a murderous plot to sabotage Bobby Kennedy"s presidential campaign. Then a pair of ghosts start turning up in his apartment, begging him to provide some kind of help. While he"s enjoying a Velvet Underground show at Max"s Kansas City, two outre femmes fatales frogmarch him out, straight into a mission to save the world, both his own and the alternate one they"ve arrived from.

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