Detailed view for the Book: Masterpieces of Fantasy and Wonder (Anthology)

A rich & varied collection of the best short fantasy fiction of the last two centuries. Escape into the fantastic worlds of Charles Dickens, J M Barrie, Graham Greene, Harlan Ellison, and others found in these 38 magical tales.

Worlds of Wonder, Worlds of Difference by David G. Hartwell -- intro
Green Is the Color [Liavek] by John M. Ford -- 1987
Wooden Tony by Lucy Lane Clifford -- 1892
Lest Levitation Come Upon Us by Suzette Haden Elgin -- 1982
Prince Bull by Charles Dickens -- 1855
The Triumph of Vice by W. S. Gilbert -- 1867
Turandina by Fyodor Sologub -- 1915
The Princess and the Frog by Robin McKinley -- 1981
Darkness Box by Ursula K. Le Guin -- 1963
Jack and the Beanstalk by Osbert Sitwell -- 1959
Peter Pan [from The Little White Bird; Peter Pan] by Sir James M. Barrie -- 1902
The Thrush's Nest [from The Little White Bird; Peter Pan] by Sir James M. Barrie -- 1902
Lock-out Time [from The Little White Bird; Peter Pan] by Sir James M. Barrie -- 1902
The Mouse Festival [1965] by Johannes Bobrowski; trans. by Kathryn Cramer
A Proper Santa Claus by Anne McCaffrey -- 1973
Inside Out by Rudy Rucker -- 1987
The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime by Mark Twain -- 1876
The Woman Who Thought She Could Read by Avram Davidson -- 1959
The Third Level by Jack Finney -- 1950
The Griffin and the Minor Canon by Frank R. Stockton -- 1885
The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles [as by Idris Seabright] by Margaret St. Clair -- 1951
The Dragons [1965] by Murilo Rubiao; trans. by Thomas Colchie -- 1979
On the Downhill Side by Harlan Ellison -- 1972
The Parrot by Isaac Bashevis Singer; trans. by Ruth Whitman -- 1966
The Gray Wolf by George MacDonald -- 1871
The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath by Patricia A. McKillip -- 1982
The Last of the Dragons ["The Fiery Dragon"] by E. Nesbit -- 1899
Lila the Werewolf ["Farrell and Lila the Werewolf"; Sam Farrell] by Peter S. Beagle -- 1969
The Drowned Giant by J. G. Ballard -- 1964
The Enchanted Buffalo by L. Frank Baum -- 1905
Narrow Valley by R. A. Lafferty -- 1966
Beyond the Dead Reef by James Tiptree, Jr. -- 1983
The King's Bride by E. T. A. Hoffmann; trans. by Michael Bullock -- 1819
Under the Garden by Graham Greene -- 1963
The Things That Are Gods [Traveler in Black] by John Brunner -- 1979
The King of Nodland and His Dwarf by Fitz-James O'Brien -- 1852
The Seventeen Virgins [Cugel; Dying Earth] by Jack Vance -- 1974
The Bagful of Dreams [Cugel; Dying Earth] by Jack Vance -- 1977
The Hollow Land by William Morris -- 1856