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One Thousand and One-Second Stories





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1920-00-00 Sun & Moon Press  

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Dubbed by the Japanese as "the 21st Century's Dandy," Inagaki Taruho writes short and incredibly concentrated stories of his favorite things: machines, airplanes, modern fairies, Saturn, falling stars, the tin moon, geometrical shapes, boys, policemen, aromatic Turkish cigarettes, black cats who turn into smoke, crashing comets, gay bars, and numerous other subjects which run throughout his tales. Writing from the 1920s to the 1970s, Inagaki is a true original, seen by many Japanese as the equal in talent of Tanizaki, Kawabata, and Mishima, and as one of the great Japanese writers of the 20th century.

•The Man Who Came from the Moon
•On Finding a Star
•The Rock Throwing Affair
•On Scuffling with a Shooting Star
•How My Harmonica Was Filched
•Overheard One Night In the Shadows of a Warehouse
•The Moon and a Cigarette
•On Brawling with Mr. Moon
•Une Memoire
•Un Enigme
•Une Chanson d'Enfants
•A Fiendish Chat in the Moonlight
•An Incident One Evening
•C'est Rien d'Autre
•Quelque Chose de Noir
•On Cutting a Black Cat's Tail
•On Being Sent Staggering
•On Being Sent Flying
•On Being Pushed Out
•The Smoocher
•On Being Deceived by the Mist
•The Moon in His Pocket
•Someone Who Went Home Sighing
•On Shooting Down the Rain
•The Moonlight Moonshiners
•On Going out to Snatch a Comet
•On Eating a Star
•An Incident at the Concert
•Tour du Chat-Noir
•Star or Firecracker?
•On Grappling with a Gaslight
•On Losing Myself
•On Making Bread out of Stars
•On Being Struck by a Star
•Did You Really Reach the Moon?
•On Being Shoved Down an Aqueduct
•The Men Who Hoist the Moon
•The Moonman
•The Cocoa Prank
•The Oddity that Passed Beneath a Gaslight
•Cirque de la Lune
•Chevaliers de la Lune
•On Being Dumped Down a Chimney
•Episode Crepusculaire
•On Shooting Down a Black Cat
•The Bat House
•Avant Ma Promenade
•The Black Comet Club
•A Friend Trades Places with Mr. Moon
•Someone Who Spoke As If He Had Seen It Himself
•An Incident on a Street Corner
•A Holdup
•A Letter from the Milky Way
•Le Ceremonie du Mariage
•Someone Who Looked a Lot Like Me
•A Midnight Caller
•Someone Who Returned From New York
•Invites de la Lune
•How I Sobered Up
•Un Roc Sur le Pavement
•The Black Box
•"Cheers!" on a Moonlit Night
•The Origin of a Red Pencil
•How Three Saturns Were Formed
•Swallowing Mr. Moon
•On the Moon Turning into a Triangle
•A Star and Some Scoundrels
•Was There Really a Comet Inside the Beer Bottle?
•Why Did He Become a Smoker?
•A Chat with Someone Who Returned from Cairo
•On Being Pursued
•An Unpremeditated Abduction
•The Secret of Lemonade
•Guest and Host
•A Book Becomes Enraged
•Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
•That Shouldn't Be Missed
•Last Night on the Radio
•Jack-in-the-Box Cigarettes
•Cafe Starry Night
•The Theater of Comets Presents ...
•The Gaslight Incident
•A Star Turns into a Two-Sen Copper Coin
•Before Sunrise
•The Star Hospital
•An Object Found on a Hill
•As I Was About To Set Up My Stand for the Night
•One Night at a Hotel
•On Being Attacked by a Beetle
•The Mansion Where Laughter Is Prohibited
•One Disappearance After Another
•On Shooting a Star
•Crying in Their Beer
•A Dose of Speed
•The Night That Burst into Flames
•Two Evenings
•The Palace of the Dogs
•A Den of Rabbits

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