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Resistance, The



Fairy Tales


Fey, the


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1 1998-00-00 Bantam  

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Blue Isle's capital lies in ruins, leveled by the new invasion force of Fey. But to hold his conquest, Black King Rugad must capture his two half-Islander, half-Fey great-grandchildren: the fiery Arianna and the gentle Gift. For one of them will inherit the Black Throne, and Rugad will not rest until he owns them both, body and soul.
Yet, in the wily and courageous Arianna, this legendary warrior may have met his match. Fugitives in a wasted land, she and her father, Blue Isle's King Nicholas, plan the destruction of her ruthless great-grandfather. Drawn to a forgotten sacred place in the shimmering Cliffs of Blood, they will find Arianna's long-lost brother, Gift. But an old enmity stands between Arianna and the reluctant warrior Gift, and an ancient Fey prophecy darkens their future—and that of the world.

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