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Dangerous Games



Martial Arts


Destroyer, The


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1 1980-00-00  

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Once again it is the White House calling. Some racist idiot is upset about America's athletes mixing together in sports. The threat to kill our track-and-field champions seems real. The Russians are scared. The Americans are scared, and confused. A perfect set-up for destroying the Olympics.

But the Americans, Russians, and Germans figure they can stop anything. After all in a police state how could terrorist infiltrate the borders, let alone the closely guarded Olympic village? Then a bomb goes off. And two Russian security men are killed just as the games are about to begin.

Remo and Chiun arrive with track suits and running shoes. And quickly run into a beautiful Indian gymnast - who does wild things with her body - and a team of terrorists, who are ready to erase our heroes. But not to worry, when it comes to a race, or anything racial, Remo has it taped. And the Olympics will go on as planned.

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