Detailed view for the Book: Darker Masques (Anthology)

Stories by Ray Bradbury, Graham Masterton, F. Paul Wilson, Dan Simmons and other modern masters of Terror.

Introduction by J. N. Williamson
Drifter by Ed Gorman
Reflections by Ray Russell
The Happy Family by Melissa Mia Hall & Douglas E. Winter
Dew Drop Inn by D. W. Taylor
Refractions by Thomas Millstead
The Spelling Bee by Adobe James
Better Than One by Paul Dale Anderson
Ever, Ever, After by Graham Masterton
Prometheus' Declaration of Love for the Vulture by Alan Rodgers
Long Lips by R. Patrick Gates
Sinners by Ralph Rainwater, Jr.
Sunday Breakfast by Jeannette M. Hopper
Third Rail by Wayne Allen Sallee
Coochie-Coo by Mark McNease
The Wulgaru by Bill Ryan
The Luckiest Man in the World by Rex Miller
The Boneless Doll by Joey Froehlich
The Skull by Diane Taylor
On 42nd St. by William F. Nolan
Safe by John Maclay
All But the Ties Eternal by Gary A. Braunbeck
Pop Is Real Smart by Mort Castle
When the Wall Cries by Stanley J. Wiater
Return to the Mutant Rain Forest by Bruce Boston & Robert Frazier
The Willies by James Kisner
The Drinking Party by K. Marie Ramsland
Chosen One by G. Wayne Miller
Them Bald-Headed Snays by Joseph A. Citro
Motherson by Steve Rasnic Tem
Kill for Me by John Keefauver
Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites by Dan Simmons
The Orchid Nursery by Amanda Russell
Of Absence, Darkness, Death: Things Which Are Not by Ray Bradbury
The Pack by Chet Williamson
Children by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Sea Gulls by Gahan Wilson
The Coming of Night, The Passing of Day by Ed Gorman
Please Don't Hurt Me by F. Paul Wilson
Splatter Me an Angel by James Kisner
Untitled Still Life with Infinity Perspective by Rex Miller
Pratfall by John Maclay
The Heart of Helen Day by Graham Masterton
Nothing But the Best by Brian McNaughton
Somewhere by Denise Dumars
Milestone's Face by Gary Brandner
Julia's Touch by David T. Connolly
Savages by Darrell Schweitzer
The Collapse of Civilization by Ray Russell
Animal Husbandry by Bruce Boston
Sounds by Kathryn Ptacek
Whispers of the Unrepentant by t. Winter-Damon
Obscene Phone Calls by John Coyne
The Children Never Lie by Cameron Nolan
The Other Woman by Lois Tilton
Love, Hate, and the Beautiful Junkyard Sea by Mort Castle
Sources of the Nile by Rick Hautala
Collaborationists by J. N. Williamson
My Private Memoirs of the Hoffer Stigmata Pandemic by Dan Simmons
The Secret by Steve Allen

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