Detailed view for the Book: Dark Masques (Anthology)

Stories by Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, James Herbert, Robert R. McCammon and other modern masters of terror.

Horror anthology omnibus combining Masques (1984) and Masques II (1987). Introduction by J.N. Williamson.

Masques -- oa Maclay & Associates: Baltimore MD, 1984
Introduction and Acknowledgments by J. N. Williamson
Nightcrawlers by Robert R. McCammon
Somebody Like You by Dennis Etchison
Samhain: Full Moon by Ardath Mayhar
I Have Made My Bones Secure by Ardath Mayhar
Third Wind by Richard Christian Matheson
Redbeard by Gene Wolfe
The Turn of Time by David B. Silva
Soft by F. Paul Wilson
House Mothers by J. N. Williamson
Party Time by Mort Castle
Everybody Needs a Little Love by Robert Bloch
Angel's Exchange by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Down by the Sea Near the Great Big Rock by Joe R. Lansdale
The First Day of Spring by David Knoles
Czadek by Ray Russell
The Old Men Know by Charles L. Grant
The Substitute by Gahan Wilson
The Alteration by Dennis Hamilton
Trust Not a Man by William F. Nolan
Long After Ecclesiastes by Ray Bradbury
A Short, Incadescent Life by Ray Russell
My Grandmother's Japonicas by Charles Beaumont
Charles Beaumont: The Magic Man by William F. Nolan
Richard Matheson by J. N. Williamson

Masques II -- oa Maclay & Associates: Baltimore MD, 1987
Introduction by J. N. Williamson
Popsy by Stephen King
Second Sight by Ramsey Campbell
The Yard by William F. Nolan
The New Season by Robert Bloch
The Near Departed by Richard Matheson
Ice Sculptures by David B. Silva
Wiping the Slate Clean by G. Wayne Miller
The Litter by James Kisner
Splatter: A Cautionary Tale by Douglas E. Winter
Deathbed by Richard Christian Matheson
American Gothic by Ray Russell
Moist Dreams by Stanley Wiater
Dog, Cat, and Baby by Joe R. Lansdale
Nothing from Nothing Comes by Katherine Ramsland
If You Take My Hand, My Son by Mort Castle
Maurice and Mog by James Herbert
Fish Story by Dennis Hamilton
Outsteppin' Fetchit by Charles R. Saunders
In the Tank by Ardath Mayhar
Hidey Hole by Steve Rasnic Tem
The Night Is Freezing Fast by Thomas F. Monteleone
Buried Talents by Richard Matheson
Lake George in High August by John Robert Bensink
Wordsong by J. N. Williamson
The Man Who Drowned Puppies by Thomas Sullivan
The Boy Who Came Back from the Dead by Alan Rodgers