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1 1988-00-00 Grove Press  

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Terraplane, the second novel in Jack Womack"s acclaimed Ambient series, is a vision of an alternate reality-New York, 1939, as experienced by travelers from the twenty-first century. Retired general Luther Biggerstaff and his hit man Jake are on a covert mission to kidnap Soviet superscientist Alekhine for the multinational Dryco. But Alekhine has disappeared, leaving behind a device that catapults them headlong into the past. And this 1939 is different-F.D.R. has been assassinated; the Great Depression has cut even deeper; Churchill died in a street accident; and the world is at Hitler"s mercy. The only hope Luther and Jake have of getting home again depends on an unlikely conjunction of the New York World"s Fair, the blues of Robert Johnson, and the avant-garde physics of Nikola Tesla. Terraplane is a surreal and darkly comic journey into the twilight zone of history gone mad. "Womack . . . performs feats of brilliance on many levels. . . . He succeeds in balancing blistering social commentary with shrewd literary experimentation. . . . Flecked with black humor, this is speculative fiction at its eerie best."-Entertainment Weekly "Droll and disturbing . . . Womack ingeniously plays with history to create a cat"s cradle of a narrative . . . [which] quickly takes off into imaginative hyperspace."-Publishers Weekly "An information-dense, battering-ram English . . . that evokes and commands constant action. . . . Look for sequels. They will be loud and feral, and they"ll fizz."-The Washington Post Book World Jack Womack is also the author of Ambient, Heathern, i-which won the Philip K. Dick Award-Random Acts of Senseless Violence, and Let"s Put the Future Behind Us. His short fiction has appeared in Omni as well as in various anthologies. He lives in New York City.

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