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1 2000-05-30 Eos  

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A leading mathemetician, computer scientist, and cyberpunk pioneer, Rudy Rucker writes novels that surprise and delight with an effervescent mix of cutting-edge science, raucous social satire, and deeply informed speculation into the nature and fate of humanity. Now, his latest work takes its rightful place in this distinguished and hilarious canon. It"s 2054, and Phil Gottner doesn"t know where his life is. His girlfriend is hooked on merge, a drug used in "bacteria-style" sex. His father has just been swallowed by a hyperspatial anomaly that materialized from a piece of art designed to project images of four-dimensional objects into three-dimensional space. Then, at the funeral, Phil meets and falls in love with Yoke Starr-Mydol, a young lovely visiting from the Moon. Spurning Phil"s advances, Yoke flies to the Polynesian island of Tonga, where she discovers an alien presence at the bottom of the sea. Calling themselves Metamartians, the aliens offer Yoke an alla, a handheld device that gives its owner the power of mind over matter--which, it turns out, is pretty much like having a magic wand. But as Phil pursues Yoke, and the altruistic Metamartians distribute more allas, he begins to suspect that his father"s disappearance and presumed death are linked to the aliens and their miraculous gift. For it seems that the allas are accompanied by a fourth-dimensional entity known as Om, a godlike being who"s taken a special interest in humans. Now Phil and Yoke must solve the mystery of the Metamartians and their god, before humanity uses its newfound powers to destroy itself altogether.

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