Detailed view for the Book: Silver Scream (Anthology)

Welcome to the world of theatre that few people ever see --
Silver Scream collects nineteen modern horror stories all loosely dealing with the bizarre lives and often brutal deaths of the men and woman working in television and the movies.Let todays finest writers take you back stage to meet, among others:

** A deranged film editor who takes his job as a "cutter" very seriously.

** A frustrated make-up artist who discovers the power of voodoo can be a sharp, double-edged sword.

** The hungry, malignant force that lies wait beneath a dilapidated movie house.

** A washed-up serial actor of the 1940's who attempts to stop a psychotic serial killer of the 1980's.

** A movie critic driven over the edge of madness by the viewing of a "lethal film."

** A man who discovers he can truely live forever on the silver screen.

Anthology of 21 horror stories dealing with theatre and television.


Introduction by Tobe Hooper
Preflash by John M. Ford
Cuts by F. Paul Wilson
The Movie People by Robert Bloch
Sinema by Ray Garton
Son of Celluloid by Clive Barker
The Answer Tree by Steven R. Boyett
Night They Missed the Horror Show by Joe R. Lansdale
More Sinned Against by Karl Edward Wagner
Return of the Neon Fireball by Chet Williamson
Night Calls the Green Falcon by Robert R. McCammon
Bargain Cinema by Jay Sheckley
Lifecast by Craig Spector
Sirens by Richard Christian Matheson
Hell by Richard Christian Matheson
A Life in the Cinema by Mick Garris
Splatter: A Cautionary Tale by Douglas E. Winter
Film at Eleven by John M. Skipp
The Show Goes On by Ramsey Campbell
The Cutter by Edward Bryant
Pilgrims to the Cathedral by Mark Arnold
Endsticks (afterword) by David J. Schow

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