Detailed view for the Book: Masters of Darkness (Anthology)

Anthology of 14 horror stories and 2 poems chosen by the authors, with new afterwords by each.


Preface by Dennis Etchison
The Dead Man by Ray Bradbury -- 1945
Flash Point by Gardner R. Dozois -- 1974
The Animal Fair by Robert Bloch -- 1971
The End of the Carnival by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro -- 1984
Dance of the Dead by Richard Matheson - 1954
The Words That Count by Ramsey Campbell -- 1976
The Test Tube by Ray Russell -- 1978
Doctor of Dreams by Ray Russell
Neither Brute Nor Human by Karl Edward Wagner -- 1983
Sea Change by George Clayton Johnson -- 1981
Teeth Marks by Edward Bryant -- 1979
Third Wind by Richard Christian Matheson -- 1984
Preparations for the Game by Steve Rasnic Tem -- 1982
Armaja Das by Joe W. Haldeman -- 1976
Saturday's Shadow by William F. Nolan -- 1979
Camps by Jack M. Dann -- 1979

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