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I, Jedi



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Wars


Star Wars: Miscellaneous


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1 1998-00-00 Bantam  

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Corran Horn was an officer in the Corellian Security Force before casting his lot with the New Republic. As the grandson of a legendary Jedi hero, he has latent Force powers that have yet to be developed. But he has managed to distinguish himself with Rogue Squadron, the X-wing fighter force that has become the scourge of the Empire and of the pirates that prey on Republic shipping. Then Corran"s wife, Mirax, vanishes on a covert mission to locate the pirates" secret base, and Corran vows to find her. Calling on his Corellian undercover experience, he infiltrates the pirate organization. He will learn what he can, sabotage what he can, and use every means possible to find his wife. And his very survival may depend on a terrible choice - whether or not to surrender to the dark side.

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