Detailed view for the Book: Chicks 'N Chained Males (Anthology)

From the publisher of "Chicks in Chainmail" and "Did You Say Chicks?!" comes a new anthology starring babes in brass bras and chain-link bikinis, bearing broad swords and filled with good intentions--chicks who are here to rescue those poor chained males, those victims of male-abuse, from any number of Fates Worse Than Death . . . Right here. Right now.


"Introduction" (Esther M. Friesner)
"Myth Manners' Guide to Greek Missology #1: Andromeda and Perseus" (Harry Turtledove)
"Chain, Link, Fence" (Steven Piziks)
"Fool's Gold" (Elizabeth Moon)
"In for a Pound" (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
"Death Becomes Him" (Marina Frants)
"Straight Arrow" (Susan Shwartz)
"Bad Heir Day" (Rosemary Edghill)
"Why Do You Think They Call It Middle Earth?" (Susan Casper)
"Leg Irons, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe" (Laura Frankos)
"Shiftless" (Josepha Sherman)
"May/December at the Mall" (Brian D. Akers)
"Yo, Baby!" (Jan Stirling)
"Don't Break the Chain!" (Jody Lynn Nye)
"Cross CHILDREN Walk" (Esther M. Friesner)
"...But Comedy is Hard" (Kate Daniel)
"Baubles, Bangles and Beads" (Kevin Andrew Murphy)
"Hallah Iron-Thighs and the Five Unseemly Sorrows" (K. D. Wentworth)
"Miss Underwood and the Mermaid" (Sarah Zettel)