Detailed view for the Book: Tales by Moonlight II (Anthology)

Anthology of 37 horror stories from small press publications, plus an introduction by Salmonson, a piece on starting small press horror magazines by Peggy Nadramia, and a listing of those currently available.


A Glimpse of Supernatural Literature and the Small Presses -- Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Proem: The Haunted Street -- Marion Zimmer Bradley
Dream of a Mannikin, or the Third Person -- Thomas Ligotti
Marilyn and the King -- Ruth Berman
The Area -- Stefan Grabinski; trans. by Miroslaw Lipinski
The Return of Noire ["They Happened"] -- Michael Bullock
A Light from Out of Our Heart -- Jules Faye
Mr. Templeton's Toyshop ["Selections from 'Mr. Templeton's Toyshop'"] -- Thomas Wiloch
The Devil Frolics with a Butler -- Daniel Defoe
The Cats of Ulthar -- H. P. Lovecraft
Dead Dogs -- Denis Tiani
"W.D." -- David Starkey
The Drabbletails -- Stephen Gresham
The Gravedigger and Death [Jane Bradshawe] -- Mary Ann Allen
Taking Care of Bertie -- Janet Fox
Cardinal Napellus -- Gustav Meyrink; trans. by Michael Bullock
The Coffeepot [1831] -- Theophile Gautier; trans. by Phyllis Ann Karr
Seven -- Stephen-Paul Martin
Chocolate -- Wendy Wees
Mousewoman -- Wendy Wees
Mother Hag -- Steve Rasnic Tem
Good Thoughts -- W. Paul Ganley
Shirley Is No Longer with Us -- Jody Scott
The Ghost of Don Carlos -- Michel Tremblay; trans. by Michael Bullock
Live on Tape -- Spider Robinson
The Head of the Hydra Flower -- Carol Reid
The Manhattan Phone Book (Abridged) -- John Varley
An Image in Twisted Silver -- Charles L. Grant
What Used to Be Audrey -- Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Day -- David Madison
A Thief in the Night -- Jayge Carr
Silhouette -- D. Beckett
Laugh Kookaberry, Laugh Kookaberry, Gay Your Life Must Be -- John Domini
Azrael's Atonement -- Archie N. Roy
The Eldritch Horror of Oz [Oz] -- L. Frank Craftlove
O, Christmas Tree -- Jessica Amanda Salmonson & W. H. Pugmire
The Pacific High -- Grant Fjermedal
Jack in the Box -- Ramsey Campbell
Envoy: The Scythe of Dreams -- Joseph Payne Brennan
Appendix I: How to Publish Your Own Shoestring Horror Magazine -- Peggy Nadramia
Appendix II: Current Small Press Horror Magazines -- Misc. Material

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