Detailed view for the Book: Amazons! (Anthology)


Amazons by Melanie Kaye
Introduction: Our Amazon Heritage by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
The Dreamstone by C. J. Cherryh
Wolves of Nakesht by Janrae Frank
Woman of the White Waste by T. J. Morgan
The Death of Augusta by Emily Bronte & Joanna Russ
Morrien's Bitch by Janet Fox
Agbewe's Sword by Charles R. Saunders
Jane Saint's Travails by Josephine Saxton
The Sorrows of Witches by Margaret St. Clair
Falcon Blood by Andre Norton
The Rape Patrol by Michele Belling
Bones for Dulath by Megan Lindholm
Northern Chess by Tanith Lee
The Woman Who Loved the Moon by Elizabeth A. Lynn
Additional Reading by Jessica Amanda Salmonson & Susan Wood

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