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Blood Dance



Ethnic: Native American


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1 2000-00-00  

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BLOOD DANCE takes place in the Dakota Territory, ten years after the Civil War, and is the story of Jim Melgrhue, an ex-Confederate soldier and Louisiana boy. When he and his best friend, Bob Bucklaw, decide to join a gang a train robbers, led by Beau Carson, Jim’s instincts tell him that there’s nothing but trouble around the corner, which proves to be the case. The train robbery turns out to be a fiasco, and when Carson orders the execution of all the passengers, Jim and Bob quickly decide to take a stand against the gang and its leader. The gun battle that ensues leaves Bob Bucklaw dead and Jim seriously wounded. After an encounter with a Sioux war party and with the help of John Johnston the Crow Killer does he survive. Thus begins the journey of Jim Melgrhue’s quest for vengeance against Beau Carson and his gang of killers. He's later joined by a Crow warrior with the name of Dead Thing, who has his own score to settle against Carson.

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