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Yesterday We Saw Mermaids



Alternate History


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1 1992-10-01 Tor Books  

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It is the Year of Our Lord 1492. As the flames of the Inquisition scorch the soul, and three ships set sail from Spain under the command of the newly-appointed Admiral of the Ocean-Sea, another vessel embarks for climes unknown - propelled by the magic of an unruly demon. Carried on this enchanted voyage is a motley assortment of women, including a gypsy witch, a beautiful Moorish princess, a frightened young Jewish woman, and several nuns plucked unexpectedly from the cloistered confines of their convent. Together they will discover a New World unlike any other: the sorcerous kingdom of Prester John, a miraculous sanctuary for dragons, gryphons, fairies, and, yes, even mermaids. But as the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria draw even nearer, can even this land of myths and magic withstand the tide of history - or must nuns and wizards alike be washed away with the mermaids? Already acclaimed as one of fantasy's finest humorists, Esther M. Friesner braves uncharted realms of the heart with this witty, engaging, yet ultimately moving tale of old worlds and new. With Yesterday We Saw Mermaids, she marshals a formidable command of history and legend to present an unforgettable and thoroughly unique new look at Columbus's celebrated voyage.

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