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1 1988-00-00  

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Summary (From the publisher):

Together, the sorcerer, Cray Ormoru, and his friend, the seer Feldar Sepwin, had crafted a mirror of silver, wood, and spider weaving, working a spell to transform their creation so that whoever gazed into it would see his or her own heart's desire. Yet for Cray himself the years flowed past and the mirror held no reflection. Then one day he was drawn to it to see the image of a young girl - but who she was and where she dwelled remained a mystery.
In time, the girl became a beautiful woman, a woman Cray knew he was destined to find. But when at last - aided by demons of Fire, Air, and Ice - Cray found her home, a magnificent palace in the realm of ice, he discovered she was Aliza, a sorceress dedicated solely to the study of her art. And Cray realized his quest had just begun. For Aliza was a much prisoner as mistress of her Crystal Palace - and even Cray might not master the power to break the spell and set her free.

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