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Robert F. Young
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Author Biography: Robert Franklin Young
It seems that not a lot is known about Robert F. Young, one of the more obscure writers to have regularly published in the major science fiction short story markets (and even Playboy and The Saturday Evening Post). He lived his entire life in New York State, except for the three and a half years he served in the Pacific during World War II, and he and his wife owned a house on Lake Erie. His career spanned more than thirty years, and he was writing fiction even on the day he died. Only near the end of his life did the science fiction community learn he'd been a janitor in the Buffalo public school system. As Barry N. Malzberg noted to us: if he was a writer working as a janitor, he likely lived a frustrating life, but if he was a janitor who happened to write, he lived a surprising and triumphant one.
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