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Full Name:
Rumiko Takahashi
Place of Residence:
Tokyo, Japan
Niigata, Japan
Birth date:


Average Enjoyability:
31 votes
Average Rereadability:
31 votes
Average Complexity:
31 votes
Average Character Development:
31 votes

Author Biography: Considered Japan's most loved cartoonist by many, Rumiko Takahashi has become a multimillionaire with close to 50 million copies of her books in print.

She is described as reliable, charismatic, and thoroughly likeable.

She attended the prestigious Nihon Joseidai (Japan's Women's Uiversity) while simultaneously attending Kazuo Koike's Gekiga Sonjuku, a school where manga artists are trained. Koike's prime dictim ("...[graphic literature] is carried by characters...if a character is well-created, the [graphic literature] becomes a success") has served Rumiko Takahashi well. She is known for creating sympathetic, intriguing characters.

Though her annual income avaerages close to three million dollars, Takahashi does not consider money very iimportant. "I'm just happy to have this opportunity to write so much...There are so, so many things I want to write, more than I could possibly write in a lifetime...I guess I'm just happy that I can spend my time doing what I want." (

Many of her stories are heavily influenced by Japanese and Chinese mythology, with several characters named after mythological beings. Takahashi said she was influenced by the sense of excitement in the American comics of Spider-Man, and has tried to "capture a bit of that sense of excitement" in her own work. (

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