Bibliography for the Author: P. G. Wodehouse

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# Title Series First Published Buy Now
1 Adventures Of Sally, The
(aka Mostly Sally)
1922-00-00 Amazon (US)
2 Aunts Aren't Gentlemen
(aka The Catnappers)
Jeeves and Wooster 1974-00-00 Amazon (US)
3 Bachelors Anonymous Monty Bodkin 1973-00-00 Amazon (US)
4 Barmy In Wonderland
(aka Angel Cake)
1952-00-00 Amazon (US)
5 Big Money 1931-00-00 Amazon (US)
6 Bill The Conqueror 1924-00-00 Amazon (US)
7 Blandings Castle And Elsewhere
(aka Blandings Castle)
Blandings 1935-00-00 Amazon (US)
8 Bring On The Girls 1954-00-00 Amazon (US)
9 Carnival Of Modern Humour, a (Anthology) 1968-00-00 Amazon (US)
10 Carry On, Jeeves! (Collection) Jeeves and Wooster 1925-00-00 Amazon (US)
11 Century Of Humour, a (Anthology) 1925-00-00 Amazon (US)
12 Clicking of Cuthbert, the
(aka Golf Without Tears)
Oldest Member 1922-00-00 Amazon (US)
13 Cocktail Time Uncle Fred 1958-00-00 Amazon (US)
14 Code of the Woosters, The Jeeves and Wooster 1938-00-00 Amazon (US)
15 Coming Of Bill, the
(aka Their Mutual Child)
1920-00-00 Amazon (US)
16 Company For Henry
(aka The Purloined Paperweight)
1967-00-00 Amazon (US)
17 Damsel In Distress, A 1919-00-00 Amazon (US)
18 Do Butlers Burgle Banks? 1968-00-00 Amazon (US)
19 Doctor Sally 1932-00-00 Amazon (US)
20 Eggs, Beans And Crumpets (Collection) 1940-00-00 Amazon (US)
21 Few Quick Ones, a (Collection) 1958-00-00 Amazon (US)
22 French Leave 1956-00-00 Amazon (US)
23 Frozen Assets
(aka Biffen's Millions)
1964-00-00 Amazon (US)
24 Full Moon 1947-00-00 Amazon (US)
25 Galahad At Blandings
(aka The Brinkmanship Of Galahad Threepwood)
Blandings 1965-00-00 Amazon (US)
26 Gentleman Of Leisure, a
(aka The Intrusion of Jimmy)
1910-00-00 Amazon (US)
27 Girl In Blue, The 1970-00-00 Amazon (US)
28 Girl on the Boat, the
(aka Three Men And A Maid)
1922-00-00 Amazon (US)
29 Globe By The Way Book, the 1908-00-00 Amazon (US)
30 Gold Bat, The: And Other Stories School 1904-00-00 Amazon (US)
31 Golf Omnibus, the (Omnibus) Oldest Member 1973-00-00 Amazon (US)
32 Head Of Kay's, The School 1905-00-00 Amazon (US)
33 Heart Of A Goof, The
(aka Divots)
Oldest Member 1926-00-00 Amazon (US)
34 Heavy Weather Blandings 1933-00-00 Amazon (US)
35 Hot Water 1932-00-00 Amazon (US)
36 Ice In The Bedroom 1961-00-00 Amazon (US)
37 If I Were You 1931-00-00 Amazon (US)
38 Indescretions of Archie (Collection) 1921-00-00 Amazon (US)
39 Inimitable Jeeves, The
(aka Jeeves)
Jeeves and Wooster 1923-00-00 Amazon (US)
40 Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit
(aka Bertie Wooster Sees It Through)
Jeeves and Wooster 1954-00-00 Amazon (US)
41 Jeeves in the Offing
(aka How Right You Are, Jeeves)
Jeeves and Wooster 1960-00-00 Amazon (US)
42 Jill The Reckless
(aka The Lottle Warrior)
1921-00-00 Amazon (US)
43 Joy In The Morning Jeeves and Wooster 1947-00-00 Amazon (US)
44 Laughing Gas 1936-00-00 Amazon (US)
45 Leave It To Psmith Psmith 1923-00-00 Amazon (US)
46 Little Nugget, The 1913-00-00 Amazon (US)
47 Lord Emsworth And Others
(aka The Crime Wave At Blandings)
Blandings 1937-00-00 Amazon (US)
48 Louder And Funnier (Collection) 1932-00-00 Amazon (US)
49 Love Among The Chickens Ukridge 1906-00-00 Amazon (US)
50 Luck Of The Bodkins, The Monty Bodkin 1935-00-00 Amazon (US)
51 Man Upstairs And Other Stories, the (Collection) 1914-00-00 Amazon (US)
52 Man With Two Left Feet, the (Collection) 1917-00-00 Amazon (US)
53 Mating Season, The Jeeves and Wooster 1949-00-00 Amazon (US)
54 Meet Mr. Mulliner Mr. Mulliner 1927-00-00 Amazon (US)
55 Mike Psmith 1909-00-00 Amazon (US)
56 Mike and Psmith
(aka Enter Psmith)
Psmith 1935-00-00 Amazon (US)
57 Mike At Wrykyn School 1953-00-00 Amazon (US)
58 Money For Nothing 1928-00-00 Amazon (US)
59 Money In The Bank 1946-00-00 Amazon (US)
60 Mr. Mulliner Speaking (Collection) Mr. Mulliner 1929-00-00 Amazon (US)
61 Much Obliged, Jeeves
(aka Jeeves And The Tie that Binds)
Jeeves and Wooster 1971-00-00 Amazon (US)
62 Mulliner Nights (Collection) Mr. Mulliner 1933-00-00 Amazon (US)
63 Mulliner Omnibus, a (omnibus) Mr. Mulliner 1935-00-00 Amazon (US)
64 My Man Jeeves Jeeves and Wooster 1919-00-00 Amazon (US)
65 Not George Washinton 1907-00-00 Amazon (US)
66 Nothing Serious (Collection) 1950-00-00 Amazon (US)
67 Old Reliable, The 1951-00-00 Amazon (US)
68 Over Seventy: An Autobiography with Digressions
(aka America I Like You)
1957-00-00 Amazon (US)
69 Pearls, Girls And Monty Bodkin
(aka The Plot that Thickened)
Monty Bodkin 1972-00-00 Amazon (US)
70 Pelican At Blandings, A
(aka No Nudes is Good Nudes)
Blandings 1969-00-00 Amazon (US)
71 Performing Flea
(aka Author, Author!)
1953-00-00 Amazon (US)
72 Piccadilly Jim 1918-00-00 Amazon (US)
73 Pigs Have Wings Blandings 1952-00-00 Amazon (US)
74 Plum Pie (Collection) 1966-00-00 Amazon (US)
75 Pothunters, The School 1902-00-00 Amazon (US)
76 Prefect's Uncle, A School 1903-00-00 Amazon (US)
77 Prince And Betty, the 1912-00-00 Amazon (US)
78 Psmith In The City Psmith 1910-00-00 Amazon (US)
79 Psmith Journalist Psmith 1915-00-00 Amazon (US)
80 Quick Service 1940-00-00 Amazon (US)
81 Right Ho, Jeeves
(aka Brinkley Manor)
Jeeves and Wooster 1934-00-00 Amazon (US)
82 Ring For Jeeves
(aka The Return Of Jeeves)
Jeeves and Wooster 1953-00-00 Amazon (US)
83 Sam the Sudden
(aka Sam in the Suburbs)
1925-00-00 Amazon (US)
84 Service With A Smile Uncle Fred 1962-00-00 Amazon (US)
85 Small Bachelor, The 1927-00-00 Amazon (US)
86 Something Fishy
(aka The Butler Did It)
1957-00-00 Amazon (US)
87 Something Fresh Blandings 1915-00-00 Amazon (US)
88 Spring Fever 1948-00-00 Amazon (US)
89 Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves Jeeves and Wooster 1963-00-00 Amazon (US)
90 Summer Lightning Blandings 1929-00-00 Amazon (US)
91 Summer Moonshine 1938-00-00 Amazon (US)
92 Sunset At Blandings Blandings 1977-00-00 Amazon (US)
93 Swoop!, the: Or, How Clarence Saved England 1909-00-00 Amazon (US)
94 Tales Of St Austin's (Collection) School 1903-00-00 Amazon (US)
95 Thank You, Jeeves Jeeves and Wooster 1934-00-00 Amazon (US)
96 Ukridge
(aka He Rather Enjoyed It)
Ukridge 1924-00-00 Amazon (US)
97 Uncle Dynamite 1948-00-00 Amazon (US)
98 Uncle Fred In The Springtime Uncle Fred 1939-00-00 Amazon (US)
99 Uneasy Money 1917-00-00 Amazon (US)
100 Very Good, Jeeves Jeeves and Wooster 1930-00-00 Amazon (US)
101 Week-End Book Of Humour, the (Anthology) 1954-00-00 Amazon (US)
102 Week-End Wodehouse (Collection) 1939-00-00 Amazon (US)
103 White Feather, The School 1907-00-00 Amazon (US)
104 William Tell Told Again 1904-00-00 Amazon (US)
105 World Of Psmith, The (Omnibus Volume) Psmith 1974-00-00 Amazon (US)
106 Young Men In Spats (Collection) 1936-00-00 Amazon (US)

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