Bibliography for the Author: Umberto Eco

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# Title Series First Published Buy Now
1 Baudolino 2000-00-00 Amazon (US)
2 Cambridge University Press Advances in Semiotics 2008-01-12 Amazon (US)
3 Foucault's Pendulum 1988-00-00 Amazon (US)
4 Harvest Books Advances in Semiotics 2000-11-09 Amazon (US)
5 Harvest Books 1990-05-27 Amazon (US)
6 History of Beauty 2004-11-13 Amazon (US)
7 How to Travel with a Salmon and Other Essays 1994-00-00 Amazon (US)
8 Island of the Day Before, The 1994-11-00 Amazon (US)
9 Limits of Interpretation, the Advances in Semiotics 1994-03-01 Amazon (US)
10 Magic & Madness in the Library: Protagonists Among the Stacks 1999-00-00 Amazon (US)
11 Misreadings 1993-05-07 Amazon (US)
12 Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, the 2004-00-00 Amazon (US)
13 Name of the Rose 1980-00-00 Amazon (US)
14 Nonbelief? 1997-00-00 Amazon (US)
15 On Ugliness 2007-10-30 Amazon (US)
16 Role of the Reader, the: Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts Advances in Semiotics 1979-01-01 Amazon (US)
17 Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language Advances in Semiotics 1986-07-01 Amazon (US)
18 Serendipities: Language and Lunacy Advances in Semiotics 1988-00-00 Amazon (US)
19 Theory of Semiotics, a Advances in Semiotics 1979-02-01 Amazon (US)
20 Umberto Eco: On Literature 2005-11-14 Amazon (US)

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